The Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)

One of the central elements of the KMFI is a self-assessment tool (SAT) that each participating company manages and updates at intervals (at least once a year during annual KMFI cycles). The SAT enables participating companies to assess and evaluate elements of their quality management systems, values, and governance as they relate to micronutrient fortification practice under the five broad indicators of the 4PG framework. Each component is assigned a different weight to reflect its relative importance to effective fortification compliance.
Each SAT component area breaks down into tiers of descriptors, with Tier 1 reflecting fundamental practices and systems, and Tier 2 and 3 indicating advanced and aspirational levels of best practices. In recognition of the need for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the KMFI, we have also developed an abridged self-assessment tool that comprises only Tier 1 descriptors. Indeed, any company may use this as a sample prior to full participation using the main SAT.
Each participating company completes an SAT, scoring itself for each descriptor using status selectors. Status selectors assign a status that reflects the availability of evidence to support the organization’s perception of its level of implementation of the principles in the descriptors. These scores must each be accompanied by a narrative to provide additional information and supporting evidence that explains why the company has chosen a status selector. The status selector provides for the following weighted scoring options:
  • Not Met – Where none of the items specified in the Evidence Descriptor can be fully supported with an appropriate narrative of context.
  • Partly Met– Used where some (but not all) of the items listed in the Evidence Descriptor can be fully supported
  • Mostly Met – Used where almost all, but a few of the items listed in the Evidence Descriptor, can be fully supported
  • Fully Met – Only used where an appropriate narrative can fully support all the items listed in the Evidence Descriptor.
The selection of scores for each descriptor results in an overall rating for that section. These ratings are accompanied by a numerical score, which can differentiate organizations with similar final ratings and enable organizations to track year-on-year improvements.
SATs will be subject to independent reviews to validate their submission. Participants are expected to maintain a portfolio of all evidence that supports their scores and assertions on the SAT and to provide this when requested to support the independent validation process. Independent external consultants who meet established criteria are appointed to conduct these validations.
On completion of the validation, the independent consultant delivers a report consisting of the validated scores for each descriptor and reasons – where necessary – for any recommended change to the company’s self-reported score. This final validated SAT is shared with the company before final ratification of all MFI results by the governing body of the MFI