The Industry Expert Group (IEG)

The third component of the KMFI tripod involves the indirect validation of the SAT outputs through rated stakeholder feedback undertaken by a body of experts drawn from across a range of stakeholder groups. This body of stakeholders—representing buyers/consumers, related industry representatives, researchers, public health, and regulatory experts—is called the Industry Expert Group (IEG). The IEG holds sessions aimed at arriving at a moderated opinion of each participating company based on their overall market intelligence, as well as specific knowledge of the industry involved.
The IEG’s key role is to review the performance of each participating company against the 4-PG framework. The IEG provides intelligence-based and informed ratings, views, opinions, advice, and recommendations to the KMFI Governing Board about the compliance and effectiveness of the participating companies and their standards and quality management.
The IEG is made up of a long list of members, to which more are added as identified. However, each IEG session is made up of only five to six members, including a chair, selected by the KMFI secretariat from amongst the long list based on their qualifications, availability, and absence of known conflicts of interest. Members declare actual and perceived conflicts of interest upon recruitment and in advance of any proposed IEG sessions for which they may be shortlisted.
We have developed IEG terms of reference which detail the IEG’s functions, nomination criteria, and composition. Whilst the selection criteria of the IEG is publicly available, the individual membership is not made public in order to limit any risks associated with the potential to influence outcomes. The IEG term lasts five years for each individual member but may be renewed by the KMFI Board for one additional term based on performance.