Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For how long are the index cycles valid (and how long does a company keep their published position on the index)?
The Index:
There will be one KMFI cycle per year, covering the period of January to December, and published in December of every year.
For how long are responses to the SAT valid?
The SAT:
All SATs will be valid for one annual cycle. However, companies will have the ability to update their final SAT submissions on an ongoing basis and have updates reflected during the next annual cycle.
Will the index be represented by brand or company? For instance, what if my company has multiple brands?
The Index:
The index will show all companies by individual brands.
My company has completed the SAT but has not had the opportunity to have our results verified by the KMFI independent validation consultant. Can we still participate in the KMFI?
The Index:
Both validated and unvalidated SAT scores will be allowed to appear on the index as part of your company’s final score, although maximum points will be weighted and allocated depending on the version selected (abridged or unabridged) and whether it has been validated.
What is the difference in completing the full SAT versus the abridged version and does it affect my score?
SAT Scoring:
Companies receive a weighted score depending on the version of the SAT they choose to complete and whether it is validated by the KMFI independent expert consultant.
  • Companies that complete the full version (all tiers) and are validated are eligible to receive the full 60 points (100% possible)
  • Companies that complete the full version (all tiers) and are unvalidated are only eligible to receive 30 points (50% possible)
  • Companies that complete the abridged version (tier 1) and are validated are eligible to receive 40 points (60% possible)
  • Companies that complete the abridged version (tier 1) and are unvalidated are eligible to receive 20 points (30% possible)
Does this replace regulatory mandates and systems?
No, the index does not serve to replace the roles and responsibilities of government regulatory agencies, but rather to enhance industry commitment and adherence towards existing standards.
Is my company eligible to participate in the KMFI and if so how do I sign up?
KMFI is designed for use by companies that specifically process foods that are subject to mandatory fortification in Kenya; edible oil, salt, sugar, wheat and maize flour. However, the pilot currently covers flour and edible oil products only.
What kind of data will be available to the public?
All information shared with the KMFI will be held as strictly confidential. Detailed results of your SAT, along with other component scores will be shared with your company directly in the form of a dashboard appropriate for internal reporting and quality improvement. Your cumulative KMFI score will appear on a ranked list of companies/ brands that will be accessible to the public. Details of this process are further highlighted in the data policy.