The KMFI Concept & Rationale

The KMFI approach links concepts of quality management – already deployed by processors – with a market systems approach.
Because regulatory requirements for micronutrient fortification have not been an effective driver for compliance, the KMFI was developed as a market-based solution to encourage industry self-regulation and sustainably promote competitive business practices amongst participants. This approach has already been seen to work in other sectors, such as in corporate governance.
The KMFI helps to seed a market environment in which food fortification can sustainably improve access to nutrients, with the industry taking ownership of the effort. The KMFI presents a strong brand that processors of wheat flour, maize flour, edible fats and oils hope to attain in order to stand out to consumers and stakeholders. It enables high-performing businesses to distinguish themselves and encourages other firms to change their behaviors in order to earn recognition.
The KMFI sets out to:
  • Create a level playing field that incentivizes food processors to adhere to fortification and quality standards.
  • Serve as a mark of quality to the market and consumers that inform brand preferences.
  • Incentivize systemic adoption of quality governance systems, reducing the risk of quality failures.